DERMECOLOGY natural organic skincare

LUMACTIV All-in-one 95 g FACIAL (8.5 months use)

This bar is perfect for beautiful skin all year round and for exfoliating the body (once in a while). This size is economical and will last more than 8 months (2x daily use). Cocoa butter and avocado help repair climate damage, goat milk has naturally occurring AHA which help exfoliate and clarify the skin. Helps remove dark spots, bamboo fiber and essential oils help correct oily, mixed, even acne prone skin! Ginseng prevent wrinkling and oatmeal brings back suppleness and softness. You will LOVE your skin and everyone will notice your radiant complexion ! FRESH CLEAN smell.

Ingredients: Fresh goat milk, oils of coconut, palm, avocado, cocoa butter, oatmeal, siberian ginseng, purified bamboo fiber, collagen, essential oil complex.


Not only 100% PURE, NATURAL ingredients without artificial fillers or preservatives, but also remarkable results even on problem, sensitive and aging skin. Wholesome luxury food for your skin.