DERMECOLOGY natural organic skincare

When all other products have left you with little results, you will be amazed by the new texture your skin will have after just a few uses of our ALL-in-ONE facial care. So many testimonies confirm that our 100% MILK & Botanical skin care in a bar does get rid of brown spots, blemishes, black heads, refines pores, hydrates dry, devitalized skin, controls oily, mixed skin, even helps those with rosacea. 

Deeply NOURISHES the skin, AWAKENS tired skin, REFINES texture, BRIGHTENS complexion and is so EASY to use ! You'll finally go without concealers.

Stop using polluting, chemical laced cumbersome complicated regimes! LUMACTIV REJUVENATING FACIAL BAR yields that in-SPA facial look and feel in a jiffy, at a fraction of the price ! The 20 g bar will give you 2 months of (2x daily) uses. Compare at just one treatment at the SPA (at 45$ and up) . You will be AMAZED at the results. People will NOTICE. We guarantee it !

ECONOMICAL ... replaces:

  • Make-up remover
  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliant
  • Toner
  • Nourishing mask
  • Mild dermabrasion treatment !

In ONE audacious compact lathering facial !

Enough with complicated skincare regimes...that don't work.

ONE step, ONE product and FABULOUS RESULTS ! 


1. Lather up - massage gently- no rubbing


Removes make-up and dirt from pores without irritating the skin. A fresh clean sensation and a refreshing smell.

The milky botanical lather gently exfoliates dead skin cells, eliminate dark spots, black heads, blemishes and illuminate complexion.

Avocado, ginseng, cocoa, bamboo, goat milk and essential oils, rebalances, nourishes, EMBELLISH your skin instantly !



2. Rinse by splashing cool water, no facecloth  




 3. Pat dry, feel the SOFTNESS!

 Just apply your favorite your 100% BOTANICAL organic cream: JOLIE, BELLE or LOVÉE !


Not only 100% PURE, NATURAL ingredients without artificial fillers or preservatives, but also remarkable results even on problem, sensitive and aging skin. Wholesome luxury food for your skin.