DERMECOLOGY natural organic skincare

General Policies

Thank-you for considering SKINCO LABS Inc. as a manufacturer for your natural cosmetic brand. All of the available products are proudly produced in Canada using (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as set out by HEALTH CANADA. All of our ingredients are carefully chosen for their exceptional quality, ethical source, human and environmental safety. We follow HEALTH CANADA and FDA’s cosmetic regulations.

Our products are made with a minimum of 72 to 97% organic ingredients but have very little water as we use mostly botanical waters, resulting a more concentrated form of product that yields beautiful results.

Our specialty is producing formulas that work, made from natural ingredients from the earth with no polluting chemicals, nor suspected harmful substances.

Although we use CERTIFIED ORGANIC ingredients and follow USDA ECO-CERT recommendations in our facilities, we do not hold a CERTIFICATE for every product we have, as Certificates are not transferable to our clients. This is an expensive process to be done yearly at costs over 1600$ per product category.

Each BRAND owner is responsible to have their own certificates through Eco-Cert Canada who will come and audit our facilities and issue a USDA-ECO-CERT for your products.


WHITE LABEL : Besides excellent products, customer care, its the LABEL that makes the BRAND

  • FRESH stock readily available. Soon via transactional website.
  • Minimum Order : 1 unit or per case (see pricing sheet)
  • Label templates easily customizable with your information for small print runs
  • Cheap label layout fees when you provide logo and company info ( lot number and a 2 year shelf life /expiry date on bottom of bottles)

CUSTOM FORMULATION - CONTRACT MANUFACTURING: At this time, we no longer accept contracts for making new formulations from scratch or with your own formulations. We may from time to time take one new contract. Send us your NDA.

TWEAKED FORMULA : If you want to change or add an ingredient to make our formulation more personal for your BRAND. Lab fee depends on product and feasibility. minimums are:

Facial creams ; minimum of 125 units x 1oz/30 ml . Bars: 50 x 95g. Shower gel, shampoo, baby product (w custom essential oil scent); 100 kg/400 x 8oz. We do not use fragrances.

PRIVATE LABEL . CONTRACT FILLING : This is where we FILL bottles of your choice with our formulations and apply your label. Once formulation has been chosen and price quotes for filling/labeling are requested, the following information will be required if you choose to provide us with your packaging:

• 1 of each sized container with lid or pump. Please mark on these containers where the desired product fill line is for this container as this will affect the price. We will need these in order to do an in-house fill test. Your packaging vendor should be willing to send Skinco Labs one free sample bottle.

• 1 sample of each label size. Your label company should be able to provide you with blank die cuts of your label sizes. We will need this information in order to verify that the label is appropriate for the container and that we can apply it. Or have our Graphics dept. design your labels. Skinco Labs does not provide ball park quotes under any circumstances as they are misleading.

MINIMUMS: Facial creams: of 125 units x 1oz/30 ml . Bars: 50 x 95g. Shower gel, shampoo, baby product: min of 20kg or 640oz (640 x 1oz, 320 x 2oz, 160 x 4oz, 80 x 8oz.

All white label and tweaked formulations remain the property of Laboratoires Skinco Labs inc.

ORDERING: At this time, we are preparing a wholesale shopping cart. Meanwhile, refer to the pricing product order sheet. When you are ready to place an order, please forward your filled order sheet (via e-mail) to: or fax it to us at: 1-514 666-9670. We will prepare a PAYPAL request/invoice for you. As soon as payment is received, your order is in queue to be prepared and shipped. We require payment or deposit of all setup fees of the production costs at time of order. On large orders, shipping fees will be added just prior to shipping when we have the info from transporter. We strongly suggest that you sample our products prior to purchasing in larger quantities, as returns are not accepted.

PAYMENT: Payment must be received & cleared prior to preparing and shipping the order. Canada : Payment may be made by credit card (over the phone), Paypal, cheque, money order or Interac or Direct Bank deposit. U.S.A. and International : credit card (over the phone), Paypal, *money order or *bank wire transfer (*this process may take up to 15 days to clear). Please note that if you decide to pay by bank transfer, we must receive the amount prior to the start of production of your products. The remaining will be due prior to shipping. All related fees are client’s responsibility. Credit card payments processed through PayPal (Visa, Master and American Express). On some large manufacturing contracts, we can accommodate 75% pre-production, and the balance is due prior to shipping. As soon as payment is received, your order goes into production queue (allow 6 to 8 weeks) depending on period of order, it may take less time or, it maybe a tad more.

Production Delays Lead Time : All unbranded and bulk products are usually made FRESH. We tend to keep fresh stock for our WHITE LABEL ready to ship products. As unforeseen events may occur, please plan for 2-4 weeks from the time we receive the purchase order, to the date we ship. Typically our orders ship much sooner, but depending on the volume of orders we have at the time, it is best not to expect it to ship before then. October-December are our busiest months in terms of out-going orders. As a cosmetic brand yourself, it would be in your best interest to be stocked with sufficient product BEFORE this busy selling season. Contract manufacturing orders placed before OCTOBER have the best chances to be delivered in time for the DECEMBER rush.

Back Ordered Product: Occasionally ingredients are held up in the order process and orders are halted until all ingredients relevant to manufacturing are in house. Backorders are given the utmost attention and priority. You will always be contacted in the event of a back order situations. We are NOT responsable for any damage or loss any delays may cause.

Copyright: The purpose of choosing private label is to build your own brand. You can create your own individual colour and product names, avoid the same names used by Skinco Labs. We can supply you with colour swatch images for your website or literature, but any professional photos of our products or models nor using our texts to make other product claims is strictly prohibited.

Privacy: You can rest assured that we will not disclose to the general public, the identity of our private label clients. We are willing to sign a one page simple confidentiality agreements if they are provided to us.

Pricing & Quotes

Stock Product Pricing: Due to an ever evolving and changing world market as well as the changing nature and constitution of natural ingredients and essential oils, which is in effect a commodities market. Price commitment by Skinco Labs inc. is made at the time an order is accepted. Price quotes in this catalog or online listing or price lists are representative of the cost of an item at the time of “print”. We will s confirm pricing at the time we accept your order because prices are subject to change. Custom order quotes will be honoured for 30 days.

Large Bulk Purchases: For larger quantities of stock bulk products (25 gallons or higher) please email relations(at)skincolabs(dot)com.

Labeling: Skinco Labs Inc. encourages each of its customers to comply with their own country’s cosmetic labeling laws and regulations. While we provide a model that fits both CANADA and USA, it is customer’s responsibility to know those guidelines in order to be clear regarding which words, terms and claims are in fact regulated by the FDA or HEALTH CANADA. Skinco Labs does not assume any responsibility for customer meeting regulatory guidelines for final copy and design of label.

Packaging: Although we have a small selection of appropriate AIRLESS BOTTLES for orders under 300 units, you are welcome to send us your own custom packaging to use for your project. We do not stock packaging for private label orders. Once you have sampled the product and are ready to order, we can suggest component manufacturers to help you source packaging to suit your needs. Our current airless bottles can be SILK SCREENED with a minimum of 1000 units. Contact our Graphics dept for quotes.

Shipping: CLIENT is responsible for shipping fees and all related custom obligations. As the wholesale client, you may choose your preferred method of shipping. Let us know if you have an account.

AMAZON clients : send us a pre-paid shipping slip; (we will need to provide you with dimensions and weight of boxes of your order). In addition, we will handle any issues related to Amazon fulfillment/store directly with them after receiving your email from them and issues they want to resolve about the product you're selling through them.

Insurance: It is preferable on orders over 1000$ fees are CLIENT’s responsibility. Shipping in CANADA or USA…The most economical means is via CANADA POST (accelerated 4 to 6 days) by AIR, then United States Postal Service (USPS) takes over the package via ground delivery. Usual delay is 4 to 6 days from the moment package has left our premises. For international orders: depending on the country, CANADA POST (accelerated AIR) is still a cheaper option. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss a client may endure while circumstances out of our hands may occur. We are not responsible for delays due to transport anomalies, customs or any other event, circumstance out of our control. We ship FOB from Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada, best way, or by your instruction. Custom orders will be confirmed with an order sheet and deposit prior to production. Please make sure your shipping information is correct on your order sheet. You can roughly estimate your shipping costs by going to either or by entering your info for a rate estimate. The FOB postal code is J6J 6G7.

Damages/Claims : Any damages caused during the shipping of the products must be reported to the carrier and Skinco Labs within 7 days of shipment receipt. Always have your delivery driver sign your paperwork acknowledging the damage. This will make the claim much easier. If you did not notice it at first, save all packaging and containers for damage inspection. Back up your claims with pictures. Call or email us immediately and we will help you with your damage claim with the carrier. You must report all damage within 7 days of receipt.

Shelf Life: All of SkincoLabs’ products are formulated for a minimum of 2 year “stay fresh” shelf life, based on TESTS done by third party ISO 17025 (Third party Bacteriology and stability testing LAB). For optimal shelf life, all products should be stored in a cool, dry area that ranges from 45 degrees to 72 degrees F.

Samples: Samples and regular size are available for purchase in our WHITE LABEL packaging (see price sheet). Samples may slightly differ (in colour and smell) from batch to batch as essential oils and certain ingredients also differ from seasonal changes and origin. This does not affect the efficacy nor the quality of product. While samples can give you a general idea of what a larger size will be like sometimes there can be slight differences.

Returns: Please order samples before purchasing in larger quantity, as we do not accept returns for any reason. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. During seasonal temperature changes, natural products can become thinner or thicker. We cannot replace your product if it is not the viscosity that you expected. Other issues that do not warrant a return are colour or scent variations. Natural ingredients do vary from lot-to-lot and thus a finished product can have slight variations. If these variations are not acceptable, then you may want to consider chemical based products. All of our ingredients are carefully chosen for their exceptional quality, ethical source, human and environmental safety. We are not responsible for shipping delays and cannot credit for shipping expenses unless it was our fault. Credit will be applied to your account with us to be used on your next order, not to your credit card, for all returns minus the restocking fee and shipping costs. We do not issue refunds for any reason. Cancellation of any order once it has been processed will result in a minimum of 25% restocking fee. Cancelling an order because you don't like the freight rate is not an exception. You can roughly estimate your shipping costs by entering your info at either or The FOB postal code is J6J 6G7. If you placed an order for 55 gallons or more, then once the order has been accepted and paid for, it cannot be canceled for any reason. Orders of this size are custom orders as we make them to order and shipping fees may need to be adjusted (economically) for client’s advantage and our own.

Return Policy: Returns are not accepted for any reason. Once production is in process, an order cannot be cancelled. If the product was damaged during shipping we will only replace the product once a claim has been issued by the freight carrier. We cannot issue a credit or replace product for accidentally ordering the wrong product, not liking the colour, feel, viscosity, scent or any other physical aspect of the product. We will also not refund or replace free of charge any product that has been altered in any way or stored incorrectly causing separation or damage to product or alter its shelf life. No warranty on bulk product that is filled in another facility. Translucent/opaque packaging can shorten shelf life. Be aware that handling/ repacking/ remixing product can decrease shelf life - always work in sanitary conditions. Customer is responsible to test compatibility of product with their bottle choice. If we made a mistake in your order, then we will immediately reproduce your product and will ship it to you via the originally requested method of transport and arrange order return. Note: Once your order is in process, we cannot cancel, credit, or refund for any reason.

Marketing & Claims: Laboratoires Skinco Labs provide you with the common name of an ingredient as well as its INCI name (if it exists). Skinco Labs does not make or support any labeling claims as this is a third party process. In order to validate and support any claims made on your labels, you will need to enlist a third party independent testing lab to perform specific testing to corroborate the claims made on your labels. We suggest you educate your clientele about the virtues of plants and other components in our formulations that are known for their efficacy. I.E. hyaluronic acid: secures moisture in the skin and creates fullness, diminishing the look of wrinkles. LABELS

REGULATIONS - RESPONSIBILITY:  Laboratoires Skinco Labs does not endorse any claims made by any of its customers. Laboratoires Skinco Labs is not responsible for any lost a client may sustain due to unforeseen packaging changes due to market unavailability Customer hereby unconditionally indemnifies and releases LABORATOIRES SKINCO LABS INC, its entities, directors, officers, employees, and shareholders from any and all actions, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, claims and demands, including without limitation product labeling resulting directly or indirectly from Skinco Labs Inc. participation in customer’s product labeling.

When a sale is made, the customer agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.

LABORATOIRES SKINCO LABS INC. All Rights reserved 2017


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