DERMECOLOGY natural organic skincare

HAVE your own BRAND of TRUE 100% NATURAL, ORGANIC skincare products.
Creating your OWN BRAND for your Salon, Spa or Amazon skincare line is proven to increase customer loyalty and differentiates your enterprise from other similar businesses. Introducing YOUR BRAND with high quality, result yeilding formulations will increase your business reputation, visibility and promote IMAGE recognition.
Choosing from our authentic 100% Phyto-Therapeutic Professional Face & Body wash, creams, treatments also provide you with a sense of originality, standing out from the crowd in a UNIQUE way.
Show your Skin Care Passion with Healthy, Zero Toxin Skincare from Laboratoires Skinco Labs.
Facial Cleanser . Eye Make-up remover . Gommage . Milia treatment . Facial Rejuvenator treatment . Enzymatic cleanser (fruit Peel), Body wraps. Hypoallergenic creams and lotions. Eye Contour cream. Healthy Hair Phyto-therapeutic Shampoo  (sulfate free) and Conditionner. Baby Line (wash, shampoo, cream), Safe expecting mothers stretch cream. After Sun soothing cream. Moisturizing Shower Gel, Men skincare line
Free from laureth sulphate (sulfates), silicones and other skin allergens.
Small business private label Solutions :
You are a skin or health expert, a “natural living” author, aesthetician, naturopathic doctor, own a store,  beauty salon, skin clinic taking the green route or have your own organic brand on Amazon and would like to expand your line with YOUR NAME on 100% natural and organic products that yield RESULTS for your clientele but can’t afford the large "minimum orders" big labs request ? Our specialty is low minimums !
When we have started back in 2005, we also started small. So we understand that it is hard to find a serious manufacturer that can private label small quantities. So we have created our own manufacturing lab and have been manufacturing unique, high performance skincare for over 10 years.

We have built our reputation on HIGH QUALITY, PURE,  GENUINE 100% NATURAL BLENDS with ZERO HARMFUL CHEMICALs or polluting substances in our EFFECTIVE, yet MILD formulations.

 VEGAN Skincare

facial creams

Very small minimums from our in stock ( white label) packaging. 
Minimums as low as 10 pieces (ask us for our e-catalogue)

Choose other unique packaging with custom orders of 100, 300 +units.

*We can tweak our formulations with your signature ingredient so your product line is UNIQUE to YOUR BRAND. Certain minimums apply.

All NATURAL & ORGANIC ingredients WITHOUT nasty, carcinogenic chemicals people stay away from. Water safe and non polluting formulations.

Particularities of our ALL BOTANICAL FORMULATIONS:

NO synthetic substances, no perfumes or fragrances or chemical preservatives. PLANTS ONLY ! with +2 years shelf life.

Heavenly smells from PURE plant & flowers essences, essential oils Natural hair productsand plant actives. Powerful actives that are synergistically blended by our herbalist / naturopathic doctor / bio chemist board, to maximize perfect skin nourishment and age defying results.

Our formulations contain 2 PATENTED ingredients exclusive to us ; one is an all plant preservative that helps products stay SAFE & FRESH with a minimum of 2 years shelf life and has skin benefiting properties.

Our other “exclusive result yielding ingredient” is a NON-GMO organic plant glycogen that :

  • - Helps skin produce and retain moisture 4 times greater than hyaluronic acid alone especially in dry climates.
  • - Dramatically decreases the depth of wrinkles within 21 days
  • - Increases natural hyaluronic acid production in the skin for a plumped-up, younger look
  • - Acts as a dispersant of natural actives (making the creams more efficient)
  • - Stimulates metabolic processes and cell respiration
  • - Boosts epidermal defence and repair capabilities.

See our product list below



We manufacture according to (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices and only 100% natural and ECOCERT & USDA Organic certified ingredients are used.

Products are registered with HEALTH CANADA and tested by a third party ISO 17025 independent LAB. Compliant with FDA regulations. Most formulas meet Wholefoods stores criteria.

FAST delivery anywhere in the world*. from Canada to US 6 days AIR delivery at very reasonable rates.

Quality is assured to pass rigorous tests for export even through agencies such as Intertek.

In-house Graphic designer and small lot printing, at your service at very reasonable price.

We are now changing our policies. We do not make custom formulating. Tweaking on our formulations, depending on quantities, is doable. 


Product Packaging Options:

White label: comes in our brushed silver and white packaging. Buy already packaged in small quantity.

Private Label: choice of custom packaging (ask us for details) minimums of 125 + depending on product.

BULK : buy in 32 oz SPA size, Gallon, or 5 gallon bucket and bottle yourself.



  • SAFE BABY line: baby wash, shampoo, body lotion, talc-less powder, baby bum balm.

REJUVENATING ACTIVES for women and men;

  • Deep repair replenishing, Defy-age, anti-wrinkle facial creams, serum and gel.
  • Hypoallergenic EYE make-up remover
  • Gentle face cleansers / washes, exfoliators, fruit enzyme brightening gel
  • Anti-milia powder
  • Cellulite melt bath powder, perfect for Endermologie clinics speeds up results.
  • Professional Hair Care: All Plant, REHAB your scalp, super shine low lather shampoo and conditioner (no sulfates, no silicones)
  • Botanical HAIR GROWTH stimulating treatment duo (scalp wash and hair tonic) results in 7 days
  • LASH growth / thickener serum (good for eye brows) fast results
  • Natural mineral Make-up : glosses, powders and our infamous Volumizing and lash defining MASCARA that won’t clump or crumble and lasts 24 hrs ! Tear resistant but not waterproof.
  • Orange & Vanilla Body wash
  • Real Gardenia (tiare flower infused) Body cream
  • Mom's anti-stretch mark cream with cocoa butter
  • Spa body bars with our farm fresh goat milk.

Our star product is the ALL-in-ONE complete skincare in a bar (LUMACTIV Aesthetibar) ! Adored by many women because of it’s simplicity and great benefits. Late 2013, has been chosen by a panel of European dermatologists as being the best product for safely clearing many skin issues. Dark spots (age spots, brown patches), blemishes, white and black heads, acne, rosacea. Tightens skin for a wrinkle-free look. Literally turns back the clock on aged skin.

facial washKeeps the skin breathing by its pore unclogging properties, nourishes deeply and protects with it’s anti-oxidants and vitamins. Gently removes grime, dirt and excess oil. Rebalances combination, oily, acne prone skin, tightens pores and nourishes dry skin. Can be CUSTOMIZED with YOUR LOGO !   The ALL-in-One version for men “Architek” has the same skin benefiting properties but has different essential oils to suit men’s skin needs. Get rid of pimples and black heads. Lathers-up to yield a rich shaving cream without the blade burn. And no need for an aftershave, just apply our age-defying, oil control gel.

Get our e-catalogue : for product list and ingredients, pricing and MOQ or if you want to order samples, simply contact us and tell us a bit about yourself: via:

FULFILLMENT SERVICES : Order you fresh batch of skincare products and we can ship them directly to your customers as they purchase (available in Canada & USA). Inquire for more information. 


Our in-house GRAPHIC DESIGNER can provide you with a Label/ package template size at reasonable rates or get a design done quickly at the price you can afford at,,, or hire our desktop graphic designer.


Get an affordable user friendly website with all the bells and whistles to start selling fast and be easily found by search engines : Shopify 

Hire our DESIGNER and we will also provide you with a list of words that search engines recognize to bring customers that are looking for what you are offering right to your site.

You may get answers to your question through our "How it works" page.

Contact us at 1 866 960-0123  EST Regular office hours or via email on the "contact us" page Drop us a line mentioning your current business expertise or project and what you would like in terms of product, quantity, packaging and margin needed.




Not only 100% PURE, NATURAL ingredients without artificial fillers or preservatives, but also remarkable results even on problem, sensitive and aging skin. Wholesome luxury food for your skin.